Thursday, December 13, 2007

JJB: performers on board (sandiwara di GA216)

Sometimes we do have to pretend to be idiots..
One evening I was one of 90s passengers of garuda which was about to leave for jogjakarta. we were waiting to board the plane at Soekarno Hatta airport when the ground crew announced that we were asked to take buses instead of 'the tunnel'. So all of us packed our stuffs; the buses took us to the plane, which was located far from the building. The first thing I noticed when I got the bus was the propeller beneath the wing. It was wide open, so that people could see the machine inside it. On the ground I saw something like a tire pump. I was wondering, how we are going to fly with this kind of aircraft? It is obvious the aircraft is not ready to fly, people are repairing her (based on the stuffs laid on the ground)..but why we were asked to board this plane?Anyway, all of us were inside the plane; the cabin crews were distributing candies, they smiled, helped us took our luggage to the compartments above the seats; all of them were polite. It seemed we were ready to take off...It was 1930...about time to take off...but my eyes were glued at the propeller beneath the wing...It was still wide open; it can't be I said to is impossible to fly with her propeller open like this.. (But hey everyone was already board the aircraft!).Then an announcement from the puser answered my suspicion; he said, 'we are ready to take off but due to technical reason, our flight will be delayed, and passengers are asked to get off the aircraft with the belongings to go back to the waiting room' Can you believe this???There were buses waiting for us outside the aircraft. I got on and threw myself next to the driver. He said, look the machine is broken. I replied, it has been like that when we are boarding the plane. those people are mindless asking us to board the plane.Back to the waiting room, it was 2000 already. The ground crew made another announcement that we would be leaving at 2020. But who cares after such stupid incidence? All of us felt cheated by the cabin crews.At 2015 there was a call that all of us could board the aircraft; another aircraft which look ready to fly us to jogjakarta.I was not sure when we were finally take off. On the way to jogjakarta, i was thinking, why the cabin crews let such stupid thing happened? people were boarding the plane..they handed in newspapers, candies, helped us... but then asked us to get off?I am sure they did know we (and those cabin crews) were boarding the wrong aircraft. However,I think, it was too late for them to inform the ground crews about the state of the aircraft as the passengers had already been asked to take buses...Where were the pilots? I hope they were not in the wrong aircraft either...At the end, I was home at 2230. So exhausted after being forced to take part in appalling performance of garuda indonesia’s crews.

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